The Power of UV Sanitization

If you have heard of the revolutionary ClipPro, you know that it solves a big problem in the barbering industry: bacteria. The ClipPro uses Ultraviolet (UV) light to sanitize and sterilize the vacuum in between clients, so that there is no spread of bacteria. But how exactly does this work?           Breaking Down DNA Shorter wave UV light, known as UV-C is harmful to microorganisms. This light works by destroying nucleic acids in germ and bacteria DNA, breaking down their ability to function and reproduce and leading to death of the organism. The light initiates a reaction between two molecules of thymine which form the base of the DNA, and the resulting damage is what finally...

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Introducing the Revolutionary ClipPro!

When you want to be the best barber, you need to have skill, drive, and passion. But you also need the best tools in the industry! ClipPro is one of these tools, and will make your job easier, and more sanitary. ClipPro is a revolutionary product that combines vacuum power with UV light in a product that can replace traditional neck dusters. This product works great, is easy to use, and keeps dangerous bacteria in check. Read on to see how ClipPro has revolutionized neck dusters! In many states, traditional neck dusters are not even legal for use in barber shops and salons. This is because they can harbor bacteria and pass it from one client to the next. Of...

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