The purpose of the hand held ClipPro system is to vacuum away small pieces of hair from the back of the neck and shoulders after receiving a haircut. The silicone heads are removable, and can be washed with any kind of soap and are then ready for reuse. The UV light system in the holder sterilizes the heads when unit is placed in the holder. The unit turns on when lifted, and shuts down when placed back in the holder.

Regular barber neck hair dusters are loaded with bacteria and hard to keep sanitary. The ClipPro barber hair vacuum is much more sanitary. The barber neck duster brushes available now are illegal to use in the barber and beauty industry in most states. They are hard to clean, so they're not sanitary. The ClipPro barber vacuum system is safer, and reduces passing bacteria from client to client.

A barber or hair stylist needs something to remove small hairs off the back of the neck and face of their client. The ClipPro vacuum device (about 8.5 inches long) is great for vacuuming hair off of a client’s neck, and can be conveniently stored on the work station. In the barbering or hair styling business it is vital that everything be sanitized and kept in a clean environment. Unfortunately, not everyone follows the rules. Today, some businesses use brushes or neck dusters to remove hair from the clients, which makes it the responsibility of the workers to sanitize the dusters. Many stylists do not comply. In most states the duster cannot be used because it’s hard to sterilize. The removable plastic heads on the ClipPro and the UV light system it uses make it easy to sterilize.

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