The Power of UV Sanitization

If you have heard of the revolutionary ClipPro, you know that it solves a big problem in the barbering industry: bacteria. The ClipPro uses Ultraviolet (UV) light to sanitize and sterilize the vacuum in between clients, so that there is no spread of bacteria. But how exactly does this work?


Breaking Down DNA

Shorter wave UV light, known as UV-C is harmful to microorganisms. This light works by destroying nucleic acids in germ and bacteria DNA, breaking down their ability to function and reproduce and leading to death of the organism. The light initiates a reaction between two molecules of thymine which form the base of the DNA, and the resulting damage is what finally kills the cell. This mutagenic UV light can kill bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. This high frequency UV light is similar to the longer wavelength UV-B light that results in a sunburn in humans, but microorganisms cannot stand prolonged exposure to UV-C. The effectiveness of UV-C light is increased at a closer proximity, and with prolonged exposure. The design of the    
ClipPro ensures that bacteria are killed through the confined space the neck duster is placed in. This concentrates the light, and since the unit automatically turns on and off, you never have to remember to start it. The ClipPro was designed to harness UV power and create a product that ensures that your barber neck duster is sanitary.

UV-C Light

The kind of UV light that can kill microorganisms is rare on the Earth because our atmosphere blocks it. This type of UV light is unseen to the human eye, but ClipPro has an indicator light to let you know that it is working to kill bacteria. When you place your ClipPro unit back into its holder, the UV light goes to work for 10 minutes to sterilize and keep your barber tools sanitary for the next customer. So while you cannot get the same sterilization from the UV light that gets through our atmosphere, this kind of UV sanitization has been known about for over a hundred years. UV-C light is advantageous over other forms of sanitization for barber tools because it does not use water, so it does not need to dry, and it doesn’t use dangerous high temperatures. UV-C light is effective, environmentally friendly, and chemical free.

History of UV-C

 The mutagenic  properties of UV-C have  been known for over  one hundred years, and  in 1878 Arthur Downes  and Thomas P. Blunt  published a paper that  explore short  wavelength light and its  ability to sterilize  bacteria. They had  accidently discovered  the sterilization power  of UV light by finding  that sugar water left in  the sun did not turn  cloudy with bacteria,  but shaded sugar water  did. It wasn’t until 1892  that Marshall Ward  pinpointed that it was  the ultraviolet portion of  the spectrum that  contained the  bactericidal power.  In  1903, Niels Finsen won the Nobel Prize for Medicine for his use of UV light to combat tuberculosis. His Finsen curative lamp was used successfully through the 1950s. UV light used to disinfect water has been used since the early 10th century in France, and it was eventually found that UV-C light was particularly effective against cryptosporidium and giardia. By 2001, over 6,000 UV water treatment plants were operating in Europe. Thanks to technological advances, we now can harness the power of UV-C sterilization in many applications, including the revolutionary ClipPro.

Why UV Light in ClipPro?

Infection from a trip to the barber could happen due to the fact that the skin and hair are the perfect breeding ground for tens of thousands of species of micro-organisms. Legend has it that the Curse of the Pharaohs would result in death for anyone disturbing a ruler’s resting place. George Herbert put this to the test in 1922 when he opened King Tut’s tomb and subsequently died as a result of a sepsis infection due to a cut while shaving. While public health has improved drastically since then, you still want your barber to have the best tools and practices for sterilization, sanitation, and disinfection. This is why ClipPro was developed. Traditional barber neck dusters are not easily cleaned or sanitized, and can harbor dangerous bacteria. The ClipPro solves this problem with an easy, efficient neck duster that is self-sterilizing and sanitary. The UV light found in the ClipPro successfully kills bacteria before it can be passed from client to client. Using the ClipPro not only shows that you care about safety and sanitization, but can make your barber business better and more efficient. Your customers will see that you are committed to their health and well-being and will be more inclined to return to your shop. The ClipPro kills bacteria and makes your business more sanitary!


If you are committed to the best barber practices and tools, ClipPro is for you! Not only does ClipPro address the barber’s problem of sanitization, it makes it easy to clean up after a cut and a shave. There are no additional steps to take when you use ClipPro, you simply place the unit back in its base and the UV process begins. Your neck duster is always clean, dry, and ready for the next customer. If you want to have the best barber tools, you need a duster that is also a UV sanitizer! Order the ClipPro today to show your clients you care!