Introducing the Revolutionary ClipPro!

When you want to be the best barber, you need to have skill, drive, and passion. But you also need the best tools in the industry! ClipPro is one of these tools, and will make your job easier, and more sanitary. ClipPro is a revolutionary product that combines vacuum power with UV light in a product that can replace traditional neck dusters. This product works great, is easy to use, and keeps dangerous bacteria in check. Read on to see how ClipPro has revolutionized neck dusters!

In many states, traditional neck dusters are not even legal for use in barber shops and salons. This is because they can harbor bacteria and pass it from one client to the next. Of course, you could try to sterilize these brushes using some sort of sanitizing solution, but who could wait for their brushes to dry? Small pieces of hair and water do not mix, and make cleanup more of a nightmare. Neck dusters work by sweeping DRY hair off of the neck and shoulders, and leaving your client free of small hairs. They also work to minimize the irritation that can occur from small hairs left on the neck. These hairs are dusted into the air and onto the floor, where they then need to be cleaned for a second time. Traditional neck dusters are not sanitary, and still leave you with hairs on the floor to clean, so what is the answer?

Barber Vacuum

Enter the revolutionary ClipPro hair vacuum. The ClipPro works by vacuuming away those small hairs, leaving your client clean and free of any irritation. Even better, all of the hair and debris are captured and do not fall to the floor and lead to more cleaning. Think of it, when your floor is really dirty, it is so much easier to vacuum up the dirt rather than sweeping it and sending some of it back into the air. The ClipPro harnesses the power of vacuuming into a small, handheld device that performs much better than traditional neck dusters. If you want your salon or barber shop to maintain the utmost in cleanliness, the ClipPro is the barber tool you need!

Easy to Clean

The ClipPro neck duster utilizes silicone heads that are removable. This allows for easy cleaning, and silicone is fast-drying, unlike the fibers on traditional neck dusters. Knowing that you have a surface that can be completely cleaned of any debris goes a long way to showing that you care about hygiene and sanitation. If you choose to use the best tools in the barber business your customers will notice and give you repeat business!

UV Sanitation

Okay, we have convinced you that harbored bacteria on neck dusters is really bad, but how does ClipPro completely solve the bacteria problem? Our revolutionary design includes a base that houses a UV sterilizing light. When you place your ClipPro back into the base, UV lights turn on and start the sterilization process. The lights will stay on for ten minutes after the unit is placed in the holder, and after this time the UV light automatically turns off. As you can see from the petri dishes, the UV light process really works to kill bacteria and keeps the ClipPro clean and sanitary. Harness the power of UV light in your barber business with ClipPro, and ensure that your neck duster stays safe and sanitary.

Easy to Use

The ClipPro couldn’t be easier to use! For all of the innovation it contains, it is an incredibly straightforward process. Pick it up and it turns on—simple! Vacuum all of the hair from your client’s neck, and you will be amazed how easy and efficient the ClipPro is. After using, simply twist off the top to empty the hair into a wastebasket, and you have saved yourself the trouble of sweeping, sweeping, and more sweeping! The UV light is automatically turned on, so this step is easy as well! You don’t need a complicated product to produce amazing results, and the ClipPro is a barber shop tool you don’t want to be without.

Mike Schultz developed the ClipPro to solve the problem of unsanitary neck dusters, and he has succeeded! The ClipPro can make the cleanup after a haircut that much easier, and the UV sanitizing light will ensure that no harmful bacteria remains on the duster. Traditional neck dusters are messy, and can harbor bacteria, which is why they are illegal in some states. Ensure that you are using a product that keeps things clean, both on the surface and below. Get the best tools in the barbering business, and make ClipPro a part of your barber shop!