ClipPro The Original Self Sterilizing Neck Duster

$59.99 $70.00

Brand: ClipPro

Product Description

An Exciting new tool for the barber and beauty industry. Invented by Mike Schultz, award- winning barber and hair stylist.

The ClipPro hair vacuum replaces traditional barber neck dusters.

Traditional neck hair dusters are hard to keep sanitary, and increase the risk of passing bacteria from one client to the next. The ClipPro vacuum is much more sanitary. The neck hair dusters and brushes available now are illegal to use in barber and beauty industry in most states. They are hard to clean, and can harbor bacteria. The ClipPro vacuum system is safer, making it harder to pass bacteria from client to client. The holding base has built in UV lights that kill bacteria, while vacuuming hair from your client's neck. The ClipPro is a perfect addition to your barber shop products, and will make neck dusting easier and more sanitary.

Patent approved 07/14/2015